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10 Cute File Folders to Make Paperwork Fun

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When it comes to your home office, the last thing you want to do is use boring old manilla files for your paperwork organization. You want cute file folders! Something that is pretty, decorative, and makes your desk look super fancy.

For me, it’s all about the aesthetics. Using colorful folders or folders with patterns not only dresses up my space but it also helps me to stay organized.

a collage 0f 3 photos each with a set of decorative file folders

When I color code my paperwork it makes it easier for me to find what I need.

If you also like using visual cues for organization, you will love these 10 sets of fun file folders.

Each set from Better Office Products is heavyweight, letter Size (9.5″ x 11.5″) and has a 1/3 cut tab for labels so they are sturdy and functional as well.

The File Folders That I Chose

This collaboration was so fun for me because I got to choose 3 sets of file folders that I really liked.

File Folders with Fun Tropical Flowers

The first set that I chose was the Tropical Floral Designs pictured below.

I use these to file any travel related paperwork that I have because they are so fun and just remind me of vacation.

collection of office file folders that feature tropical flower designs

File Folders with Marble Designs

The next set of folders I chose was in the Marble Designs (pictured below). This set is noticeably more stoic than the carefree tropicals of my first set.

I feel that these would be great for filing important papers that I need to hold onto for the long term. Things that are more permanent, like a car title, medical records, or some type of certificates.

Collection of office file folders that feature colorful marble designs.

Subtle Floral File Folders for Everyday

The final set of file folders that I chose are the Soft Hue File Folders (pictured below). These are attractive designs that I use for my every day, run of the mill filing.

I use these for bills, bank statements, to collect papers for little projects that I have going on around the house, recipes, coupons, and other random paperwork.

set of decorative file folders that feature teal and cream colored floral designs.

Even More File Folder Designs

Better Office Products has a huge selection of file folder to choose from. I tried out the three designs that you see above and I am listing out those three and seven other sets below.

With so many options, you are sure to find a design that appeals to your taste!

Each set of decorative file folders includes between 12 and 24 file folders in a variety of different patterns.

I am a big fan of using decorative file folders in your home office because you can color coordinate all your files and use different patterns for each category of paperwork.

And if you are looking for a little inspiration, here are 70 file cabinet organization categories that you can use to set up your home office filing system.

Tie Dye Designs - Decorative File Folders

Give your home office a boho feel with these gorgeous tie dye patterned folders. This set of 12 folders included 2 files in each pattern shown.

Traditional Floral Designs - Decorative File Folders

If you love flowers, these floral file folders are for you. The six patterns included here are soft and feminine and make filing fun. This set has 12 file folders with 2 in each pattern.

Cute & Fun Modern Designs - Decorative File Folders

This pack of 24 Cute and Fun Modern Design File Folders contain 8 patterns of 3 file folders each. The patterns are bright and lively and will add a bit of whimsy to your home office.

Abstract Art Designs - Decorative File Folders

This set of 12 file folders in Abstract Art Designs features onyx like swirls and even combines them with animal prints on on a few of the folders. There are 6 patterns in all, so you get 2 of each.

Marble Designs - Decorative File Folders

This beautiful set of 12 file folders in Marble Designs is one of my favorites. I love the teal and purple colors. There are 6 different patters of 2 folders each.

Japanese Watercolor Designs - Decorative File Folders

I find this set of 12 file folders in Japanese Watercolor Designs to be very peaceful. The pretty landscapes can bring a sense of calm to your paperwork chaos. You get 6 patterns of 2 folders each.

Tropical Floral Designs - Decorative File Folders

I love warm weather, so these file folders in tropical floral designs are perfect for me - and also so apropos for filing any kind of travel related paperwork. They feature tropical flowers, including my favorite Birds of Paradise. You get 12 file folders in 6 patterns (2 of each).

Soft Hue Floral Designs - Decorative File Folders

If you are looking for something more subtle, this set of 12 file folders in the Soft Hue Floral Designs will do the trick. The patterns are eye catching, yet professional and bring a designer feel to your home office. This is a set of 12 with 6 patters - 2 file folders in each.

Snakeskin Designs - Decorative File Folders

If you want something a little edgy, take a look at these file folders in Snakeskin Designs. Nature is truly beautiful and these patterns pick up on what nature created. Here you get a set of 24 with 4 folders in each of 6 patterns.


Paperwork Does Not Have to Be Boring

As you can see, it is easy to bring a little fun to your paperwork by using some fancy file folders.

Better Office Products creates sturdy, functional, file folders in a variety of colorful patterns that will help with your home office organization.

Which pattern is your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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