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Welcome to Almost Practical – I am so happy that you stopped by! If you haven’t been here before let me show you around.

I am thinking that you are probably looking for some ideas on how to organize and declutter all the different moving parts of life. Well, you are in the right place. Every day we are bombarded by so much clutter: physical clutter (all the things), digital clutter, over scheduling and lack of time, which, dare I say, leads to mental clutter – meaning that we have too much to think about and remember.

This can all become so overwhelming. And I have found that it doesn’t get easier as you get older, because all that stuff also represents lots of memories. So, while I don’t have all the answers as to what to do with everything (I am still looking too!). I do like to share what I learn.

Simply follow the six steps below to get the most out of what this website has to offer.

Step 1: Understand the One Thing You Need To Get Organized

No matter what you need to organize, there is only one place to start – and that is by managing your TIME.

I explain the details here in my Beginner’s Guide to Getting Organized – but the first thing you need to tackle an organizing project is time in your schedule to do it.

If it sounds really simple – that is because it is!

Most organizing projects fail because people underestimate the time they will need to complete them.

Step 2: Beware of the Obstacles In Your Way

But even if you clear your schedule, keep in mind that there are other forces at work trying to derail you from your goal.

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but we’ve all been there.

There are many reasons why people don’t finish what they set out to do. Here are some of the biggies:

Lack of Clarity

You may have heard of SMART Goals before – this means that the goals you set need to be:

  • specific,
  • measurable,
  • achievable,
  • relevant, and
  • time-bound.

If the organizing goals that you set for yourself lack these objectives, then you may feel lost or overwhelmed, making it harder to stay focused and motivated.

But don’t worry – our Free Goal Setting Worksheets will help you outline your objectives. You can sign up using the form on this page.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

If you set goals that are overly ambitious or unrealistic then you are opening the door to frustration and disappointment.

My best organizing advice has always been to create a healthy mindset around the organizing process.

You need to challenge yourself to make progress but you also have to give yourself grace – and the way you do that is by having realistic expectations.

And remember having everything neat and tidy is not necessarily what organizing means. Rather, your goal is to make life easier – being able to find what you are looking for when you need it or freeing up some space in your home.


When it comes to getting organized, procrastination will always rear its ugly head, and sometimes it can be quite subtle.

Outright procrastination, where we just put things off for no good reason, is pretty obvious.

But sometimes we make excuses that on the surface seem legitimate, but are also a form of procrastinating.

During the time that you set aside to get organized – maybe you take a phone call from an old friend, or decide to help your spouse (child, parent, sibling, or friend) with some issue they are having or have to wash your hair 🤣.

The point I am making is that when you let something else “cut in line” in front of your organizing project, then you could be procrastinating. Maybe that thing you decided to do instead wasn’t really that urgent – maybe it was just a more attractive option than dealing with your stuff.

Step 2: Subscribe to Our Newsletter

My hope through this website is to keep your creative juices flowing so you don’t lose interest in the process. Maybe some of what I share will motivate you, give you ideas, or just make you laugh.

Maybe you will find inspiration in the knowledge that whenever I put myself out there via an email, blog post, or social media post – that I am completely out of my comfort zone. (In hindsight, blogging is probably not the best avenue for an introvert like me.)

To stay connected – I hope you will subscribe to my newsletter using the form below (and get the FREE Goal Setting Worksheets that you can use to outline your organizing goals).

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Step 3: Explore Areas of Life That You Need To Organize

There are many areas of life that need to be organized and I have tried to break it down into the following basic “buckets”. Click each one to find articles and resources related to that area.

Step 4: Set Time Aside Each Week to Work On Your Organizing Goals

Now, take that first step and tackle an organizing project that you have been putting off.

Set aside some time to plan it out (our Goal Setting Worksheets can help with that). Define what the finished project will look like (a clean desk, drawer, cabinet, or inbox perhaps?).

Then outline the steps that you will need to take to make it happen.

Finally, estimate how long each step will take and schedule a chunk of time with yourself every day to chip away at your goal.

Step 5: Learn More About Me and What To Expect From This Website

By this step you probably already know a lot about me – but I will take the opportunity to introduce myself below – and if you are on social media, I would love for you to use the buttons on the left to connect with me on those platforms as well. I look forward to getting to know you.

Hi – I’m Neena!

It is so nice to meet you! I started this website many years ago as a place to share little tips and tricks I learned about organizing, decluttering, and time management – not because I was SO organized, but rather because I was looking for strategies to deal with my own stuff.

I am still searching for all the answers, but just like life, organizing is always a work in progress.

I hope you will subscribe to my newsletter to follow along with my latest posts. Not only do I talk about organization, but now that I have joined the over 50 set, I want to have fun with this blog – so I like to cover other lifestyle topics too.

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