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The Best Comfy Winter Pajamas for Women Over 50

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So, this post is a little bit new for me as I don’t usually write too much about fashion and clothing – but I really wanted to tell you about some super comfy winter pajamas that I just bought that I think are perfect for women over 50.

Once you hit a certain age, something happens to your internal thermostat. Hot one minute cold the next – the struggle is real!

When I was younger, I was always cold – but now I can’t figure out what to wear. There could be 3 feet of snow on the ground and I can go outside in shorts.

Night time is particularly difficult. You go to bed bundled up like an eskimo because you are freezing and then you wake up a few hours later kicking the covers off and drenched in sweat.

Well, recently I found this 3 piece set of lounge wear at Costco, and I think it just might be the answer to the whole menopause night sweat problem – at the very least it will make you more comfortable because it gives you options!

Now, please give me grace on the photos – because I am not used to taking pictures of clothing. And I am way too camera shy to model the set for ya – but here goes.

The Live Love Lounge Ladies 3 Piece Lounge Set

3 piece set of women's winter pajamas in purple and gray

This 3 piece ladies lounge set from Live Love Lounge is made of a soft hacci fabric.

What is hacci fabric, you ask? When I bought these pajamas in the store, I didn’t know either. I just knew that when I picked them up, it felt so soft and comfortable. The outside has a stretchy sweater like feel, and the inside feels slightly fuzzy and fleecy.

the fuzzy inside of a lounge wear tank top made from hacci fabric

When I got home I looked up hacci fabric online and found this pretty good explanation on the So Sew English Fabrics website.

Why These Winter Pajamas are Great for Women Over 50

While I think that people of any age would enjoy these winter pajamas, I think they are particularly great for women over 50.

This is because the set consists of the following 3 strategic pieces that are all made from this hacci material:

  • a tank top
  • lounge pants
  • sweatshirt

The three pieces layer easily, so you can wear all three in the evening, take the sweatshirt off and just wear the tank and lounge pants for overnight, and put the sweatshirt back on to lounge around late into the morning.

The Tank Top

The key piece for me is the tank top.

Since it is made of that hacci material, it is still fuzzy and fleecy which keeps me warm but since it is a tank top, I don’t overheat.

The Lounge Pants

women's lounge pants in purple with a gray waistband

The lounge pants have wide waistband with both elastic and drawstring.

Around the ankles are loose cuffs that match the waistband. I was a bit worried that they would feel too loose but they felt fine to me.

pant cuff on women's pajama set

The Sweatshirt

gray sweatshirt

The sweatshirt matches the contrasting color of the pant cuffs and the waistband.

I would say that it is much more lightweight than a regular sweatshirt material, so you don’t get too hot when you layer it.

And it is plain enough that you could wear it out somewhere casual if you really wanted to.

Sizing Notes for This Loungewear Set

As far as sizing goes, my feeling is that it might run slightly on the large side.

I typically wear a size Large in most lounge wear, but when I compared sizes in my local Costco, the Large looked very roomy to me.

So, I decided to go with the Medium and it fits me perfectly.

Because, the cuffs on the pajama pants are of a loose design, I was afraid to size up in case the larger size pants were too long.

I have not yet washed this winter loungewear set, so I don’t know if it will shrink or pill.

Color Options

As of right now, there are 3 color/design choices online.

  • the purple set that I got,
  • a light pink leopard print with charcoal gray contrast, and
  • a blue set with dots with a similar solid blue contrast.

I really like all three options.

3 piece set of women's loungewear in purple and gray

Wearing Layers Makes Sense For Us

The bottom line is that staying comfortable is all about layers when you hit a certain age – and this loungewear set from Costco fits the bill.

Just for information, I bought this set and did not receive any compensation from Costco – in fact they have no idea who I am.

Do you have a favorite set of winter pj’s? What are your favorite features? Let me know in the comments below.

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