Why use i2i® rails?

Each year, slips trips and falls result in thousands of injuries¹

Falls at the ‘same level’ category can cause loss of balance and result in serious injuries. Unfamiliarity with a building’s layout or a person’s senses being disrupted or distracted can also result in serious incidents.

i2i® rails were created specifically to address one of these areas of disruption – that of sighting distances.

Have you considered this hazard in your risk registers?

Our field of vision is severely limited when approaching blind corners in and around building structures, due mostly to typical square cornered structures we design.

These blind corners include but are not limited to walkways along walls that intersect at 90 degrees, doorways opening into a walkway (or corridor) or cubical dividers.

Additionally, with mobile phone use and the ‘liquid’ office where people are walking and not focusing on where they are walking, further adds to the risk of collision.

Whilst Convex mirrors and signage are used to try and reduce the issue blind corners create, a more robust and simpler solution would be to direct people away from a blind spot so that their sighting distance is automatically improved which will increase the distance and time needed to avoid a collision.

¹  Safework Australia Key WHS statistics of 2020 show that the preliminary data from 2018-19 claim that the second highest mechanism of injury is attributable to slips trips and falls (23%), and, being hit by moving objects (16%).