About us

Our story

i2i Rails is a privately owned Australian company established in 2017. We specialise in providing guide rails to improve pedestrian safety in the workplace.

Seeing firsthand how people walk whilst looking at their mobile phones nowadays, we considered that some method of physically directing pedestrians away from the solid sides of these corridors had to be devised as a solution to reduce the likelihood of any collisions. After all, to read a sign or to look at an image from a mirror just takes too long to interpret.

This desire to improve pedestrian safety at work resulted in the development of i2i Rails.

We focused on developing some guide rails for key building blind spots, such as corners and doorways and  reasoned that if these rails were slender by design, then a person’s sighting distance would be improved along with actual travel distance thereby increasing the amount of time available for an avoidance action.

If you’d like to hear more about i2i® Rails, please contact us directly.