How do you manage ‘blind corner hazards’ at your workplace?

Are pedestrians stopping to look up or read signs? Not likely.

A safer solution is to install our ‘Blind Corner Warner’.

Reduce the likelihood of impact

i2i Rail type ‘A’ reduces the likelihood of impact at corners

i2i Rails - A guard rail
i2i Rail Type A demonstrated
i2i Rail Type J

i2i Rail type ‘J’ reduces the likelihood of impact in blind spots

J Rail - i2i Rails pedestrian guide rail
i2i Rail Type J demonstrated

i2i® guide rails

  • Passively redirect pedestrians
  • Do not require a person to stop or even slow down to understand what they are seeing
  • Provide visual indication of the hazard
  • Clearly visible at distance
  • Have no language barrier
  • Reduce likelihood of injuries and claims
  • Do not need cleaning
  • Do not need adjusting
  • Do not need a separate mounting location to the corner

Our solution

Use engineered i2i® physical guide rails to redirect pedestrians.

  • They increase sighting distance of pedestrians to provide more reaction time to avoid impact.
  • They provide a ‘setback’ similar to the requirements of buildings near roadways and intersections.
  • They are a physical fixture that redirects pedestrians away from sharp, blind corners.

The i2i® rails are designed and manufactured in Australia.

An engineered safety control is a more robust solution. Many pedestrians now walk whilst looking / using their mobile phone, increasing the risk of collisions at blind corners. Administrative controls such as signage and mirrors, are open to interpretation.